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Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Chinese module manufacturer Trina Solar has long been a constant in the global solar panel market. The volume of 15 gigawatts of module power delivered since 2007 and more than 638 registered solar patents have set clear standards. In addition, there are numerous international awards that demonstrate the innovation potential and sustainability of the group. The Honey and Honey M Plus photovoltaic modules from Trina Solar (TSM) are available in many watt classes.

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Trina 340 TSM-DE06M.08
Trina 340 TSM-DE06M.08 Manufacturer: Trina Type designation: TSM-DE06M.08(II) Order number: 4423
Power: 340 Watt
Technology: Mono
Dimensions: 1690 × 996 × 35 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: White

Available from 15.01.2021

Trina 370 TSM-DE08M.08 (II)
Trina 370 TSM-DE08M.08 (II) Manufacturer: Trina Type designation: Trina 370 TSM-DE08M(II) Order number: 5550
Power: 370 Watt
Technology: Mono
Dimensions: 1763× 1040 × 35 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: White

Available from 04.01.2021