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SolarEdge SE1500M + M2640 package

SolarEdge SE1500M + M2640 package

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Available from 09.02.2021

SolarEdge Compact SE1500M package with SE2640M SolarEdge inverters have  no MPP... more
Phases: 1
AC power: 1500 Watt
MPP voltage range: 12,5 - 80 Volt
Warranty: 12 25 years
Communication: RS485

SolarEdge Compact SE1500M package with SE2640M

SolarEdge inverters have no MPP tracker and only one input for the SolarEdge module optimizer. With fixed voltage technology , the SolarEdge inverter always works in the optimum input voltage range, regardless of the number of modules and strands. The performance data from each individual PV module optimizer is sent via the line to the SolarEdge inverterThe  12-year standard warranty reflects the quality of the inverters.

Advantages of SolarEdge M2640

  • Maximum 2025 W DC power
  • For 4-8 modules with 60 cells
  • DC rated voltage 12.5 to 80V
  • 4 DC inputs 
  • Dimensions 145 x 211 x 56
  • 1.5 kg

Product features SE1500M basic equipment

  • The SolarEdge Monitoring Portal is not included
  • 1.5 kVA power 1 phase
  • 1 pair of MC4 inputs
  • Very high efficiency of up to 97.7%
  • IP65
  • Standard warranty of 12 years
  • Dimensions 340 x 239 x 127
  • Weight 6 kg


1 x SE1500M inverter

1 x M2640 optimizer

Optimising the photovoltaic system with SolarEdge

The SolarEdge SE1500M package is ideal for small installations. 4 to 8 modules can be connected to an optimizer and fed into the house via the SolarEdge SE1500M inverter.