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SolarEdge Optimizer P404-5RM4MRM

SolarEdge Optimizer P404-5RM4MRM

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SolarEdge P404 power optimizer for solar modules up to 405 watts With SolarEdge's power... more
AC power: kW
MPP voltage range: 12,5 - 80 Volt
Warranty: 25 years

SolarEdge P404 power optimizer for solar modules up to 405 watts

With SolarEdge's power optimizers, you can get the most out of any PV system. The P404 Optimizer is perfect for modules up to 405 Wp.

Advantages of the SolarEdge optimizer:

  • Maximum performance at the solar panel level
  • The whole string is not affected by shading
  • Continuous MPP tracking
  • Monitoring on a solar panel basis possible
  • More power with shading and different orientations
  • Panels of different performance classes can be combined without losses

Features of the P404 Optimizer:

  • MPPT operating range 12.5-80 V
  • Min. 6 optimizers per pole with 1-phase inverters
  • Min. 13 optimizers per pole with 3-phase inverters
  • Easy installation thanks to MC4 connection
  • SafeDC function automatically reduces the voltage in the event of a fault to 1 volt per module
  • Easy mounting onto the substructure with hammer-head screw
  • Compatible with all SolarEdge inverters

Explainer video about the optimizers:

Power losses for a complete string due to shading or different alignments are a thing of the past with the SolarEdge power optimizers. Thanks to MPP tracking at the module level, each module is individually controlled and the string can provide the maximum available power. Easy installation and maximum yield are easy to implement with the P404 optimizers.

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This power optimizer from SolarEdge has been specially developed for short strands. This is because the required 8 modules (for 1-phase inverter), or 16 modules (for 3-phase inverter) cannot always be appropriately interconnected. The design is carried out as usual with the SolarEdge planning tool.