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Kostal Piko IQ 10

Kostal Piko IQ 10

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Kostal Piko IQ 10, Kostal's new multifunctional series   The new multifunctional ... more
Phases: 3
MPP-Tracker: 2
AC power: 10000 Watt
MPP voltage range: 405 - 625 Volt
Warranty: 5 (nach Registrierung bei Kostal) years
Communication: Ethernet, RS485, USB, CAN, Modbus

Kostal Piko IQ 10, Kostal's new multifunctional series


The new multifunctional Kostal Piko IQ inverters are intelligent devices. In addition to a completely new design, the interior has been revised. This has created a separate connection space for all interfacesContinuous measurement of self-consumption, dynamic power control, intelligent shade management and the reliable free Kostal portal are all part of the package. Local use is also possible thanks to the integrated web server. 


Benefits Piko IQ 10

  • Modern and functional design
  • Complete communication package as standard
  • Dynamic power control easily implemented
  • Compact design
  • Temperature controlled active cooling
  • Usable with the integrated web server even without internet connection


Product features

  • 3-phase mains connection
  • 10.0 kW AC power
  • Transformerless concept
  • 2 MPP trackers
  • DC circuit breaker integrated in front of device
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS485, Modbus, FRE
  • Switching contact for self-consumption control (eg heat pump)
  • IP 55