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LG Electronics ESS 7H Battery
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LG Electronics ESS 7H Battery

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LG Electronics ESS HOME 2.0 - 7H Battery for retrofitting LG Electronics offers a flexible... more
Battery type: High volt lithium NMC
Net capacity: 6.6 kWh
Phases: 3
Warranty: 10 years

LG Electronics ESS HOME 2.0 - 7H Battery for retrofitting

LG Electronics offers a flexible application with the new LG ESS HOME 2.0 series. The All-In-One system consists of a 3-phase hybrid inverter and a solar battery. Depending on the application, up to two batteries can be combined. Due to the two battery sizes of 7 and 10 kWh, there is always enough battery storage. The hybrid inverter has 3-MPP trackers and generates three-phase alternating current. The supply for household devices can be ensured in the event of a power failure by installing the Enwitec switching device. A 10-year manufacturer's warranty and an improved service, offer optimum all-round protection for the owner of the solar power system. The LG ESS Home 7 kWh offers the following advantages:

Advantages of ESS HOME 2.0

  • Inverter and solar battery from the one manufacturer
  • Flexible DC design through 3 MPP trackers
  • Intelligent energy management system
  • Heat pump control
  • Backup power capability

Product features

  • 7 kWh battery storage capacity
  • IP 55
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Battery dimensions: 746 x 688 x 206 mm (W x H x D)