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Hardy Barth PV overcharging - 11 kW Wallbox package

Hardy Barth PV overcharging - 11 kW Wallbox package

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Available from 12.08.2020

Hardy Barth PV overcharging with 11 kW Wallbox package for With this package, you can... more

Hardy Barth PV overcharging with 11 kW Wallbox package for

With this package, you can conveniently control the charge current of the Wallbox, regardless of the inverter or storage system installed. The measurement is performed independently at the network tie points. Thus, you can only charge the vehicle with PV energy

Product features of 11 kW Wallbox:

  • 11 kW charge power (3 phases with 16 A)
  • DC residual current detection
  • Type II charging plug
  • RS485
  • 4 m helix cable
  • Wall mount
  • H: 283 mm / W: 196 mm / D: 88 mm

Product features of eCB1:

  • Installation in meter cabinet 4 TE
  • Interface: LAN and RS485
  • Display of the total consumption per phase and in total
  • Visualisation via web interface
  • 400 V, 3-phase up to 63 A or with transducer measurement up to 600 A
  • Dynamic charge current control with pure PV current from 6A per phase in 0.1A steps
  • Switching between eco and power charging via the web interface

Compatible system manufacturer for visualisation:

If the eCB1 is installed directly at the grid connection point, only the excess energy can be determined. This is the basis for a dynamic vehicle load. But how much energy the car actually charges depends on the charge level of the battery and the charge controller installed there. In order to be able to visualise this information in the portal exactly, a second measuring point on the wallbox is required. The smart meters from various manufacturers, some of which are already installed on the mains supply, can be used for this purpose. The eCB1 can be combined with the following manufacturers:

  • SMA Energy Meter-20 or Home Manager 2.0
  • Fronius inverter incl. Fronius Smart Meter
  • Kostal Plenticore + Piko IQ


  • PV overcharging
  • Load management for several wallboxes

Scope of delivery:

  • Hardy Barth Wallbox cPµ1 T2 11 type 2
  • Hardy barth Smart Meter eCB1-LR-PV measurement and control unit

For the control, a data line between smart meter and wallbox is required (e.g. CAT 5e)