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EVBox BusinessLine double 11 kW hub

EVBox BusinessLine double 11 kW hub

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Available from 19.10.2020

EVBox BusinessLine double 11 kW Hub - THE electric charging station for public and semi-public... more

EVBox BusinessLine double 11 kW Hub - THE electric charging station for public and semi-public areas

The trend towards electromobility is unstoppable. EVBox already operates more public charging stations in the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam than there are in Germany so far. With a total of more than 50,000 charging points, EVBox is the largest supplier of EV charging stations in the world and, with its BusinessLine, offers an established technology that has redefined public, intelligent charging.

Each EVBox BusinessLine charging station offers all the functions required by a modern charging infrastructure: RFID card readersbilling services, internet connection via an EVBox BusinessLine Hub, charging management and all charging processes can be viewed at any time via the online portal and the free Hey by EVBox app .

EVBox is the market leader in smart electric car charging solutions for maximum flexibility, simplicity, speed and connectivity. The charging stations of EVBox are compatible with every electric vehicle . More functionality is almost impossible. 


Advantages EVBox BusinessLine double 11 kW hub

  • Suitable for all electric vehicles
  • Integrated FI type A_ev (no FI type B required)
  • 2 x 11kW charging power
  • Online monitoring of all loading processes
  • Intelligent charging management
  • RFID authentication
  • Simple billing process for the charging current possible (UMTS data plan required)
  • Optional modem for internet access even in hard-to-reach places (eg underground car park)


Product features

  • 2 x socket type 2
  • Easy construction
  • Free app and online portal
  • Internet connection
  • Compact dimensions: 410 x 255 x 600 (W x D x H)