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INTILION scalebloc 1.0C with 60 kW / 68.5 kWh

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Available from 30.11.2020

INTILION scalebloc 1.0C with 60 kW power and 68.5 kWh capacity The scalebloc impresses with... more
Battery type: High voltage NMC
Net capacity: 61,65 kWh
AC power: kW
Schutzklasse: IP55
Warranty: Gewährleistung 2, Leistungsgarantie 5 years
Commercial storage type: Outdoor use suitable, Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Time of use, Emergency power capable

INTILION scalebloc 1.0C with 60 kW power and 68.5 kWh capacity

The scalebloc impresses with its holistically thought-out concept, which includes an inverter, the energy management system and the air-conditioned housing. The 68.5 kWh large lithium-ion battery system forms the basis of the storage solution in this case. An enclosure in special fire protection racks in 19" standard protects the battery modules against fire and explosion, thus delimiting accidents. By means of the integrated 60 kVA bi-directional converter, a stable three-phase 400 V mains supply can always be provided. All components are optimally operated via a self-developed EMS, controlled for the respective application and the data is provided in the cloud. The complete integration into a specially designed scalebloc outdoor housing rounds off the system solution.

Product benefits of INTILION scalebloc 1.0C:

  • All-in-one solution with battery, inverter and all peripherals
  • Outdoor housing allows installation anywhere
  • Direct ready-to-connect, as AC-coupled
  • Integrated energy management system for direct mapping of various applications
  • Increased service life through innovative air-conditioning concept
  • Full service availability through cloud connection
  • Increased safety through unique, mechanical fire prevention system

Features of INTILION scalebloc 1.0C:

  • Nominal battery capacity: 68.5 kWh lithium-ion battery - integrated in fire safety rack
  • Available battery capacity: 61.65 kWh
  • Constant power: 60 kW
  • Nominal current: 88 A
  • AC output voltage: 400V AC, 3-phase
  • Smart air-conditioning concept - uniform temperature control of all components
  • 19” standard platform - simple spare parts handling and installation
  • EMS - direct mapping of applications possible
  • Cloud connection - full service availability and monitoring
  • Integrated overvoltage & lightning protection
  • Integrated AC fuse
  • Backup und Islanding-enabled (from Q4 2020)
  • Protection class: IP55 outdoor switch cabinet allows installation anywhere
  • Weight: 950 kg
  • Dimensions 2,030 mm x 1,618 mm x 1,026 mm (H x W x D)
  • Warranty: 10 years

The training webinars by INTILION can be found here.


EMS options:

  • Modbus protocol for the integration in a separate EMS
  • INTILION EMS incl. EM24 energy meter
  • Smart1 EMS incl. energy meter

Optional set-up:

  • INTILION training in Paderborn (minimum requirement!)
  • INTILION building supervision
  • INTILION set-up service

Optional air-conditioner:

  • Left air-conditioner
  • Right air-conditioner

Optional master/slave:

  • INTILION as master
  • INTILION as slave

The scalable AC-coupled lithium-ion battery storage system in an air-conditioned outdoor housing from Intilion.

Want more power and capacity?

Up to 16 scaleblocs can be combined into one system via the master/slave function.

  • With the 0.5C version, a power of 480 kW and an available capacity of 986.4 kWh are attained,
  • with the 1C version, a power of 960 kW and an available capacity of 986.4 kWh are attained.