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BYD Battery Box Pro 10.0
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BYD Battery Box Pro 10.0

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BYD B-Box 10.0 48 Volt BYD is the  world leader  in  lithium phosphate... more
Battery type: 48 volt lithium-iron-phosphate
Net capacity: 10,24 kWh
Cycles: > 6.000
Phases: 1
Warranty: 10

BYD B-Box 10.0 48 Volt

BYD is the world leader in lithium phosphate batteries and is one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles. The BYD B-Box is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) battery system with an integrated battery management system (BMS) for 48 volt battery inverters. Thanks to its modular design, the B-Box grows according to demands. All systems can be upgraded at any time with the B-Plus 2.5 battery module.

Advantages of BYD B-Box 10.0

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • 48 volt battery voltage
  • BYD B-Box battery can be extended at any time
  • A maximum of 8 battery cabinets can be installed with 81.92 kWh

Product features 

  • Usable 10.24 kWh
  • 10.24 kW battery power
  • 10-year battery warranty
  • 181 kg BYD B-Box 2.5

How to install the BYD B-Box?

The BYD B-Box adapts to your needs. Whether it's the goal of self-consumption, backup power or a standalone system, this can all be realised with the BYD B-Box. An SMA Sunny Island or a SolaX inverter is of course also necessary. 

If you want to interconnect 2 to 3 cabinets to only one SMA Sunny Island inverter (eg in... more
If you want to interconnect 2 to 3 cabinets to only one SMA Sunny Island inverter (eg in stand-alone operation), you do not need a DC collection box. The cabinets can be ground through with a suitable cable.